About me

Born in Haarlem, The Netherlands, I studied History of Societies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. There I conducted both historical research and policy research. In 2012, I received a Ph.D. in History from the Erasmus University Rotterdam for a dissertation on the historical and political thought of the Dutch scholar Marcus Zuerius Boxhorn (1612-1653).

After finishing my Ph.D., I became a freelance researcher. I also decided to extent my knowledge and skills, and educate myself to become a teacher (History, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2014). Now, I work as a freelance researcher, teacher and writer, for both profit and nonprofit organizations.

In my spare time, I still conduct my own historical research. My main research and teaching interests are in the history of the Low Countries, the long nineteenth century and the 'age of extremes'.

Statue of Erasmus in Rotterdam